Web Design & Development Having a well-designed website can not only bring a fresh and outstanding image to your customer but also creating a bridge to communicate with them. Visit our portfolio page to find out why we said that.


Works & ExperienceWe have been in business since 2003 and serving customers across the nation. Whether you own a mom and pop’s store or a multi-million corporation, we are able to bring your business to the next level.


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Enest Studio was found by a young and energetic kid in 2003 while he was still in college majoring in computer science. He fell in love with web development at his first sight of PHP, and he started creating websites for clients during his final year. It was not until 2006, he decided to focus on web design & development, and dedicated his whole time with his team nursing Enest Studio. Today, Enest Studio has grown up and providing comprehensive web development and online marketing solutions to both individual and business. At Enest, WE DO WHAT WE ARE GOOD AT! Every single website that we created not just bring you or your company a fresh look but on top, it brings you traffic and business. If you would like to learn more about how Enest Studio can bring your business to the next level, give us a call at 626.470.7012 or you can reach us using our contact form.


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3 Reasons Why You Need a Good Web Design

There are millions of ways to create a website these days but not all of them can bring you the same result. The reason that is true is because website design is an art. You need to have a website that is attractive to your audience; greet them when they visit your site; want them to stay and browse your site as long as possible. This is exactly the purpose of having a website and the goal that you want to achieve. Isn’t it? A recent study from Stanford University found that people often leave web pages in about 7 seconds. That means as a website owner, you have 7 seconds to provide your visitors the information that they are looking for or something else that can interest them before they bounce off from your website. If you already have a website that is doing what we are talking about, that is great and congratulations because you already made your first step to success. However, if you are still searching for ways that can make your visitors stay a bit longer on your site, here are some hints for you:

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Unique Web Design

Design is one of the most important factors when it comes to website design. Using templates is what most people may first come up in mind and this is absolutely a bad idea, the most popular website template that you can find in the internet, the less unique your website will become. So if you are now thinking to create a website but you think you are not a type of graphic person, the best idea is to find some professional help. The reason why we are saying is because we believe and it is true that “Great websites have great graphic” and there is no exception. You don’t want to try it yourself, build your own site, spend the money to do all the online marketing promotion and end up find out all the money that you spent is a waste because you don’t see the conversion or the return that you were expecting. Call us today to find out more detail about our new Web Design Pasadena Program.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have a well design website setup, the next thing to do is to let the world know you are exist so now SEO Pasadena program kicks in. There are several ways to market your website depends on the budget and the industry. The most common online marketing for company’s long-term success is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a process that can brings in traffic organically from search engines such as “Google”, “Yahoo”, “Bing” etc. Research shows that 97% of customers do online research before they make a purchase and 80% of search engine traffic goes to the top 3 search results. The online market becomes the biggest market place people are choosing today.

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Layout & Navigation

Having a good layout is as important as the design. A good website design should have a well organized and user friendly layout that allows user to find the information quickly and easy to locate where they are. In order to achieve this, the “3 Click Rule” can be a great tip for all of you. Studies have shown most internet users won’t click more than 3 links to get the information they are looking for. So when you are designing your website navigation, make sure every single pages on your site can be reachable within 3 clicks or your visitors will lose their patience and leave your site away.



Interactivity, is another trick that can help to create a good website. You want to hear from your visitors and communicate with them as well. Creating a spot that allows both of you and your users to communicate. A very good example is to set up a blog, everyone likes blogging these days and you want to talk something other than business sometimes. However, it is not appropriate if you create a regular page on your site and talks something not related to your business. So the best way is to bring these topics to a blog, talks something other than your business and makes it fun. People will come back and visit your site when they find it interesting.

So what we are trying to say here? A website that can generate decent traffic is not something can be happened overnight without a good planning and following guidelines. A well designed website focuses on the above keys can increase the number of visitors, sign-ups, customers, sales and whatever goals that your site was designed to achieve.

At Enest Studio, our SEO team works closely with out clients like you, understands your industry and creates a fully customized SEO strategies to help reaching more customers and generate more leads. Like we always said, “We can bring your business to the next level”. Visit us today and find out more about our Small Business Web Design solutions.

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