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A well design and user friendly website can definitely generate more traffic and business. However, not that many site owners does a good job in setting up their site properly in the first place which also cause lots of issues in the later time. There are companies out there offer cheap web design packages that fit for all kind of budget and provide good service, check out some of them and find the one that right for you. Below are some common mistakes that we always find in most websites and you should definitely avoid any of them.

Poor Navigation
All websites should have a good navigation for both your visitors and search engines to clearly locate any pages on your site. Keep your navigation simple and make it effective. 3-Click rule, a common practice that most webmasters incorporate in creating an effective navigation. The idea is allowing your visitors to reach a page by no more than 3 clicks. A very simple but useful concept.

Visitors Concern Where They’ve Landed
Never confuse your customers and make them wonder where they’ve landed. Each page should clearly showing your visitors they are on your site. A navigation should be on every pages of your site and always allowing your visitors link back to the home whenever they want.

Long Pages
This is another common mistakes that we found all the time. Site owners always putting too much content on a single page. Unless your site is for research purpose, no one wants to come to your site and spend that time to read. Use more keywords or phrases to describe your idea or products in few paragraph instead.

Long Loading Time
Always test your site to make sure your site has a fast loading time. Visitors don’t have patient and time to wait for a page to load up. They want to get the information fast. A page that takes forever to load can also affect its search engine ranking as well.

Excess Advertisements
Visitors are not coming to your site for advertisements. They come to your site for a reason, either service or products but for sure not for ads. Although ads can provide you a good source of income, over placing it on your site can distract your visitors. Make sure you have a good balance between your content and the ads.

Outdated Information
Another common mistake that people always make, failure to update your information. Latest data, trends are the things that people always look for. If they reach your site and don’t find the it, you are simply turning your visitors to your competitors.

You want to maintain a well design and informative website that makes your audience coming back more often. Then you should avoid the mistakes that we have mentioned above. At any time, if you have any questions regarding web design or online marketing promotions, feel free to contact us at 626.470.7012 and we will more than happy to assist you.

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