Customer Service Exclusive PostStudies have shown that approximately 80% of customers are willing to continue doing business with you if you can successfully resolve their problem the first time. So, is your business doing customer service the right way? Being polite is not enough in today’s business environment because communicating online doesn’t really show any politeness.

Here are four customer service tactics you can use for your business today.

1. Speak Like Humans

One of the most important things about customer service that not many businesses are doing is to speak like humans. Most businesses talk like they are some huge Microsoft-size corporation but in fact customers don’t like talking to Microsoft-size corporation because there is no connection between both parties.

Here are two businesses:

Business A


We just received your enquiry. For reference, your support ticket is #A1239C. Please add in this number for any tickets regarding this problem.

– The Huge Corp Team

Business B

Hi John,

Thanks for letting me know about your problem. I will dig deeper into this problem you are having and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Mia Oshler
Customer Support for

Would you prefer to be treated just like one of the many support ticket numbers or like a real human being?

2. Communicate Positively

The second customer service tactic your business can use is to talk positively. Talking using a negative language can cause a negative attitude to arise within a customer. The term negative language here is not swearing or any cuss words. For example:

Negative: Your order can’t be processed at this time. We don’t have enough inventory until the following month. Please try again later.

Positive: This order will be available starting from next month. Would you want us to place this order for you immediately after it arrives?

3. Acknowledge Their Complaint

Another customer service tactic to improve your business’s customer service is to acknowledge their complaint. Why? It lets the customer know that you understand their problem.

Acknowledge their complaint by speaking human in a positive way.

4. Send A Stick Letter

For businesses who really want to take it to the next level with their customer service is to send them a stick letter. What is a stick letter?

A stick letter is a real letter (not email) that you will personally write and send to your customers to their office or home inbox. This will really show customers that you care about them and in return they might spread the word about your business to their network of friends and partners.

Wrapping Up

By applying these four customer service tactics can expand your business in terms of creating loyal customers and making your customers spread the word about your business. What other customer service tactics are you applying to your business?

4 Customer Service Tactics Your Business Needs

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