Can Display Targeting Tactics Really Help To Create New Customers?The classic AIDA pyramid or funnel is a benchmark tool for most of the offline marketers who religiously exploit its four layered concept. Actually, this funnel has a fifth layer which is generally ignored. The fifth layer is called “Retention”.

So what does AIDA stand for and what is the importance of AIDA in digital marketing?

Well, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action stages. If you add the fifth layer retention the term changes to AIDAR. It offers two important lessons to marketers.

1. How to target a consumer.
2. Consumer’s inherent buying style or psychology. To put it simple words it is the time taken to migrate from stage one to stage four.

However, digital marketers seem a little sceptical about this approach. They simply look out for strategies which bring direct results; an approach which bypasses the top layers of this funnel. Their idea is to go for stage four directly or exploit the AIDA funnel in reverse order. Such an action will only deplete leads and conversion over a period of time.

By adopting the fundamentals of classic AIDA such as creating awareness/interest through display Ads, a wide range of potential audience can be tapped and converted into customers. This may not bring instant success. However, it will pay rich dividends with each succeeding stage. The true victory is achieved when acquisition/action phase is reached.

This is a long term strategy and therefore a tracking and analysing model has to be set up to measure the impact, and too regularly. These tools will help you, as a seller, to find high level of customer action as the marketing effort evolves and steps into the final stage.

The digital marketing funnel looks different from its big brother. It typically boasts three cognitive stages. These are Attention, Interest/Desire and Acquisition. While attention is drawn through display Ads, the interest is maintained by remarketing and cookie based targeting strategies. This simply means an online buyer who has already visited your website and shown some interest in one of your products or added a product in the cart but not finalised the purchase, will be shown a relevant display Ad on various websites that he/she visits.

Desire or interest is initiated through re marketing tactics, to coerce a consumer to take action, which is the goal of this entire AIDA exercise. A word of caution; frequency of display Ads needs to be regulated. Users should not feel overwhelmed by the nonstop display.

It is essential for any company to allocate more funds for the top layer of AIDA funnel for a long term success. The journey from drawing interest to acquisition is long and there are not short cuts. As a digital marketer your strategy should be to target online audience with display Ads, based of demographics, which is easily measurable.

By using the above mentioned display targeting tactics you will create new customers consistently.

Can Display Targeting Tactics Really Help To Create New Customers?

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