Follows are three most popular used graphic file format JPEG, GIF and PNG that we can find them on the web all time but how many of you knows the characteristics of each? Here you can find the answers.


JPEG is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the name of the group who created the standard. One of the file formats that was supported and mostly used on the web. JPEG or JPG is using a lossy compression technique which will degrade the quality of the original image by compressing color (data) but the good thing about JPG is small file size.

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. A lossless compression technique that is owned by Unisys. GIF is another widely used graphic format that we can find on the web. Unlike JPEG, GIF is using a lossless compression technique which is able to support only 256 colors. In compare to JPEG, GIF is better in black and white images, line drawings, and small text. If you want to add some animated images on your site, GIF can do the job. With an animation editor, you can created one by putting multiple GIF images together. Another reason that makes GIF so popular is the capability of setting background color into transparent.

PNG is short for Portable Network Graphics. Another lossless compression files type that was built on the idea of transparency from GIF format in an advance version. The quality of a PNG file won’t degrade by saving, re-saving or restoring. That also makes PNG another widely used graphic format on the web.

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