Lately we have been interviewing applicants for a web developer position. Before the interview I have prepared a list of questions, some of them I wrote it up myself and part of it I find them online and did some modification. I think it may worth to share and I just post it up here:

What industry sites do you read regularly?

This is usually one of the questions that I must ask during the interview especially for technical positions. Whatever industries that you are in, keeping yourself update with the latest regulations, principles etc is the most important thing. Based on the answers you can tell if the person is interested what they are doing or just do it for the paycheck.

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Are you familiar coding HTML by hand?

Putting up a bunch of programming skills on the resume doesn’t really impress me, what I really care is how much do do they know. Give a simple exercise with a basic website layout and ask them to write it up in html and you will see how many of them can move to the next question.

Show me your portfolio?

A portfolio says thousands of words. Every developer should have a portfolio to show what they did in the past. A solid, unique and creative design shows the experience and how much a developer worth.

Are you preferred to work in a team or work individually?

It may be better to find a developer that worked in a similar background or size of projects that you’re offering. Some developers feel more comfortable to work on a project that is 100% control by them. If team work is a must in your case, then you may need to continue reading the next resume.

Do you really code?

As a developer, coding is part of your life and most of the time in a day you are dealing with is that bunch of code. Ask whatever code they wrote in the past, whether it is html, java, c++ or ruby…just show them to me. Coding can tell a developer’s working habit, whether he/she is a nite and creative person or just an old school coding robot writing bunch of spaghetti code. It’s really important to know how their coding skills and style before you let them join your team.

Can you fix this?

Another way to test out if the applicant is really a hands-on html bug fixer is to give them some broken code and ask them to fix it. A simple example such as <image src=”myimage.gif” width=”200″ alt=”my nice image”>, if they can’t tell what is wrong in the code, you better move on and consider the next candidate.

If you are now writing up your own list of interview questions, you may also consider incorporating those mentioned above. It can definitely help separate people who might not fit your team. Again, this is just some questions that I came up. Feel free to share yours in the comment section if you also have your own list. :)

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Questions Must Ask When You Interview Your Next Developer

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