These days lots of site owner and SEO companies are all talking about the Google page rank update and for some of you that not sure what Google page rank was, here is a simple explanation. Page rank is s mathematical algorithm used by Google for link analysis named after co-founder Larry Page. Google update page rank 3-4 times a year (roughly once per quarter) and it is commonly used by people to indicate the value of a website. Page rank starts from 0 to 10, the most popular website have a page rank of 10 and the least have a page rank of 0. The highest the page rank, the harder it can be reached. Although some people say page rank is not as important as site owners think, a lot of SEO and others keep chasing the page rank score.

Whether page rank is matter or not in SEO, it is still a very good indicator or direction for people to follow. Below is some PR10 websites that we found as of writing this blog.

US Goverment Website –

Adobe Reader Download –

Adobe Flash Player Download –

Europeana –

United Nations –

The first Google page rank update in 2013 roll out in the February 4. Did you get any update on your site as well? Good luck! :)

Google Page Rank
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