This article shows you some useful web tools that can enhance your web design works and at the same time, save you some unnecessary work and time as well. Whether you are an expect web designer or you are now learning how to do your first web page. These tools are always good to have. Feel free to bookmark this page for your future visit.

1. CleanCSS
A very easy to use tool that can help to optimize your CSS file. Different level of compression help to minimize your CSS code.

Clean CSS

2. Pingdom
Monitor the performance of your website by testing it every minute and inform you if anything happen to your site such as downtime or an increase of load time of the pages.


3. Browsershots
Browsershots is a web-based tool that allows you to test the browser compatity of your site. No registration or login required. Simply enter your website url and allows few minutes and you will see the screen-shot of your website running in different browsers.


4. Typetester
Typetester is an online web application that allows you to compare different fonts.


5. Firebug
By integrating with Firefox, firebug is a very powerful tool that edit, debug and monitor HTML, CSS and JavaScript live in any website.


6. Icon Finder
Over 200 thousands icon that you can use it for free.

Icon Finder

7. Dafont
One of the great font websites with over 16,000 fonts in their database. Most of the fonts are free for download.


8. W3C Content Validator
Open source W3C markup validator allows up to validate your web contents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

W3C Content Validator

9. Codecademy
As they described on their website, “Codecademy is the easiest way to learn to code.” Whether you are now learning how to code or you are an experienced coder, it’s always good to bookmark it for reference.


10. Net2FTP
Net2ftp is a web-based FTP application with all the functions of a standard FTP software. A very useful web application that allowing users to upload download, copy, move or delete files etc.


Top 10 Web Design Tools

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