A technique that use to shorten a long URL but still redirecting to the required page. You may probably see some URLs that name something like http://bit.ly/6wgJO or http://j.mp/6wgJO. URL shortening was widely used in the message technologies such as Twitter which has a limit in the number of characters that can be used.

URL Shortening

URL that is passing a long descriptive attributes to represent the data hierarchies, session information and other transaction details may result in forming a long and complex URL that makes it difficult to memorize. So with the help of URL shortening service, now you can create a shorten and nicer URL. Bitly, one of the most popular URL shortening service providers in the market. According to Wikipedia, Just in November 2009, there are over 2.1 billion times access with the Bitly’s URL shortening service.

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URL Shortening

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