Look at the title of the article and you may think this is probably something technical for people who is in the field but actually this is not. Most of the people now have a website, whether it is for personal or business, it is always good to know about the difference between all three types of people before you hire them since you will never know when you will need them for your websites.

Web Designer
What a good web designer can do but not anyone else is they can create some “wow” graphic layouts. Using bunch of graphic design tools including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Some web designers know basic html or CSS but you don’t expect them to code the whole sky for you.

Web Programmer
We always heard the term “programmer” but what they actually do? Writing bunch of codes in a note pad (or some other web tools such as Dreamweaver) whole day long, no lunch, no breaks in their world, it seems like only coding but nothing else. Web programmer is typically a coding expert in server side (back-end) languages such as ASP, PHP, JSP etc. Depends on their specialty, some web programmers also good at client side (front-end) languages such as JavaScript. No matter what kind of languages that a web programmer is able to code, they are the one who turns the web layout/design from the web designer into an accessible website.

Web Developer
This is a combination of both web designer and web programmer. Web developer is a person who can do everything from designing to coding, testing till launch a site. They do all the works based on the field standards, best practices and the latest trends. Web developer is the superman in the web industry.

Follows is a an illustration about the difference between a web designer and a web developer (Image: freshersworld.com).

Web Designer vs Web Developer

So now you know the difference between three of the them and you may ask, why don’t we simply hire a web developer to do all the works instead of hiring 2 persons and pay more. There are several things that we need to consider before making the decision. This includes the budget, time, and the workload of your web projects etc. On the other hand, having two people focusing on doing only what they are specialized can also increase the quality and the productivity of the work too. So now you have all the required information and you should know how to make the decision! :)

Web Designer vs Web Programmer vs Web Developer

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