SEO is a time consuming process and it involve a lot of works. Basically we can categorize it in two main categories, onsite and offsite. Too many people only focus on certain areas and neglect the important of the others which makes your SEO campaign lack of balance.

An effective SEO campaign covers most main factors for both on-site and off-site such as a good website layout, navigation, internal linking, backlink building strategies, social media marketing etc. As a professional webmaster or SEO specialist, you need to put effort on not just one or two areas, instead, you need to focus on all of them. That may be a time consuming job but if you want to be success, this is the way that you should go for.

Knowing the latest update on search engines is another way that can improve your SEO campaign. Since SEO becomes more popular and more people are trying to optimize their websites for better ranking, and at the same time, spammers and other improper SEOs try to use different ways to fool the search engine in order to get good ranking, search engines in response is to update their ranking algorithm more often in order to filter out those spammers. This is why we need to keep our eye on every single update that Search engines made.

To some people, SEO is just a boring and routine work but to us, SEO is something that is interesting and can motivate us to work even harder. You know why? Because we put our 100% on every single project that we work on and in return with good results for us and our clients as well.

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What You Should Focus on Your SEO Campaign

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