about enest studio

Who We Are?
We are a friendly group of hard-working and passionate individuals. We first started our projects while we were still in college since 2003. We decided to incorporate our own company and 100% focus on the web design and development business; and this is how “Enest Studio” born. Over the years, we have been working with different clients, from small mom and pop’s stores to multi-million corporations, we are all able to design and deliver what our clients’ needs. This really make us proud of what we are doing. After a decade of working on design and development projects and dealing with clients, it bring us a full bible of experience and marketing strategies which help us to come up more fresh and creative ideas.

What We Do?
What We DoWe do what we know and what we specialized because we want to provide high quality works to our clients. We don’t outsource our works to anybody and we do all the works ourselves in our Pasadena based studio. We understand only quality works and good customer support are the keys to make clients happy and satisfy. Please take a look of the followings and see what we are good at.

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Online Marketing (SEO, SMM, PPC)
  • Logo Design
  • Other Graphic Design

Creating a website is not difficult and a lot of people can do it themselves but create a website that can capture your client’s attention is what we do best. Every single part of a website is important, structures, designs, graphics, contents etc. At Enest, we do all the works from scratch, we don’t use website template or any content generating software. All the design works are custom created in house by our design team and we make sure our clients are satisfied with the design before we move on. We love to communicate with our clients and hear from them as well. Whether you are looking for a website, logo design, graphic design, or other print works, at Enest, we are able to provide you the best and high quality works.

What We Do Other Than Work?
What We Do
We love to work and we love to play and have fun. Like most other people, we love travel, sports, music, movie, eat and drink. We know life is too short and we have limited time and resources, so we choose to do something that we like and can make us happy. Two main things in our mind that bring our team together – design and passion. We all have passion about design and this is why after a decade, we are still working together and we believe this will extend to the next and next and…..the next decade.

After knowing who we are and what we do, if you are interested in working with us, feel free to call us or email us. We will more than happy to work with you and hope you will be the next client on our list.

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