“Choose the Right Keywords” – People are always asking if there are any secrets for a website to rank well? Well, as a webmaster and been working in the industry for over 10 years, I don’t find any secrets that can bring one site skyrocket over the night. There are three simple things that you can do to get start.

Optimizing your page title & keywords

To rank your site, first thing that you need is to find the keyword that fit your site. There are thousands of keyword research tools you can find online. Here are three of them:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

SEO Book Keyword Tool

Keyword Spy

Google Keyword Tool


Keyword Spy

Use these tools to discover the most relevant keywords to your site. For any startup website, 10 or less keywords are recommended and it is also easier to handle in case you are new to SEO. Once you find the desired keywords, try to incorporate them into your page title, for example, if you are running a printer store in Hollywood selling both local and online, you may consider using keywords like “Hollywood discount printer” or “best printer store in Hollywood”. Although these are not the keywords with super high searching volume, it is better to start with less competitive keywords.

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3 Ways to Rank Your Website – Part 1

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