“Natural Link Building” – We always talk about link building when it comes to SEO but what types of links are appropriate and how to build natural and powerful links then this is what we should focus on. Some common mistakes that we always found in link building campaign such as over-building links and poor quality of links. The bottom line is, links need to be created organically.

Ways to rank your site

Ideally, we want links come to our sites instead of building them manually. Provide good content is one way but may take some time for people to find your site in case yours just a new start up, Writing guest post on other websites that provide similar services as yours may be an alternative. Submitting articles to directories such as ehow.com, ezinearticles.com, squidoo.com, and hubpages.com can definitely help improve your site’s traffic with no cost. Make sure to incorporate social media power to enhance your link building campaign. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and hundreds of social media websites. There are hundreds of millions of people visiting these sites daily, imagine if only 0.001% of these people visit your site thru those social media places, your site will be getting thousands and thousands of hit every day.

Link building campaign is not something that you can see the result in just one or two months since it takes time for search engines to index the pages in order to get benefits from the back links. Remember, time and patient are the two main factors for a successful SEO campaign. Until next time, stay cool.

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3 Ways to Rank Your Website – Part 2

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