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I believe I post an article a while back ago regarding the Google sitelink but just a quick recall today. What is sitelink? Here is the definition from Google, "Google sitelinks meant to help users navigate your site. Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they're looking for." And according to Google, at this moment, sitelinks are automated but there are best practices that you can follow, which in other words, to increase the chances of having Google pick up the sitelink from your site. There are several benefits of having a full pack of sitelink. Grab more attention The more sitelink your site has with Google means the more spaces your site will occupy on the search result page, this also makes your site looks like a big brand (in case ...
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Get the Maximum Benefits Out of Drupal with Drupal Customization

You may come across a number of choices, when it comes to choose the best content management system. Each CMS is different from another. You may find a content management system that is absolutely perfect for your project based on its requirements. However, it may not be a feasible choice for other project. Therefore, choosing the best platform is not the real concern here, but it is imperative to find the tool that best suits your business needs. If we talk about CMS, there are a lots of CMS available online that can be downloaded and installed easily. Why Drupal! Choosing the right content management system entirely depends on your project requirements right from the business objectives to the technical expertise, development cost and others. Drupal offers extreme flexibility to upgrade a website in terms of complexity. Being supported by an active web developer community, Drupal can help you expand ...
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An All-inclusive Guide to Hire Good Magento Developer

E-commerce websites help online retailers to promote or sell the goods & services as well as reach potential customers. Selling products and services have become easier with the help of these online shopping portals. In order to develop an online e-commerce store, you must have a powerful and scalable CMS that consists of essential features such as built-in SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly admin panel, easy-to-install shopping cart and catalog displays. Significance of Magento in E-commerce Development Magento is an ultimate choice, when it comes to developing an e-commerce portal as it offers a wide range of features and utility modules that boost the functionality of your site. This robust e-commerce platform is widely preferred for its highly-customizable features. Several Magento developers are working on this platform to make it better. Due to its open-source nature, various new features keep adding to it in the form of modules, almost every ...
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Nothing better than having a cup of coffee and reading my favorite magazine.... ...
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Effective E-commerce Website Design: Essential Tips at Your Glance

With the passage of time, it is eminently clear that a variety of things have been invented for human’s convenience and comfort. They have made our life easy. Some fields like Information Technology and E-commerce have expanded their ambit to a large extend in a very fast pace. At present, there is no field, which is remained untouched from its influence. IT is a remarkably lucrative field to earn maximum profits and increase ROI with e-commerce. These days, it has become a need of every businessmen, women or even students for every day, but it depends on the distinct things. A lot of people, around the globe, are earning enormous profits through this field. The reason behind this success is that it covers a large number of people just within fraction of seconds. Many effective e-commerce designs available in the market that additionally help you attract more people and engage ...
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