Bricks, Clicks, and Sales – How to Turn Retail Browsers into Buyers

It sounds simple enough: The main goal of a retailer is to get the tills – virtual or otherwise – ringing; cash exchanging hands, goods being taken away to a loving new home; converting browsers into buyers. But with consumers becoming increasingly savvy, money conscious, and less impulsive with their purchases; it’s not as easy as it once was to boost those sales margins. Bricks, clicks, and everything in between In both physical and online retail, the challenge of converting browsers into buyers can seem like a complicated one. In reality though, there are a number of simple tips and tricks, tools and techniques you can use to increase your conversion rate. Despite doom-and-gloom figures, customers are still shopping. While the motivation might be different, the need to fill a certain goal is still there. And as the retailer, it is your job to provide a solution to this goal ...
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Social Media Management: 5 Basic Tools to Help Your New Business Succeed

A social media marketing strategy can yield a business plenty of new customers. While this is correct, one must use tools to improve their campaign and increase conversions. Here are five basic social media management tools one can use to succeed and convert visitors into customers. GroSocial When looking to create a solid and exciting campaign, one should use GroSocial, as it offers a complete solution to a website owner that wants to improve their entire marketing plan in one swoop. In addition to this benefit, GroSocial allows for you to try their services for free, which allows for people to determine if the company offers exactly what they need, without having to worry about high costs or other fees. Of course, after trying GroSocial, most people will continue to use this tool, as it offers enough features that a person will not need to look anywhere else for their ...
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Marketing Value of YouTube

Whether you have a YouTube channel all depends on what type of business you are. Whether or not YouTube is right for your business depends on what your goals are for video marketing and also what sort of content you are looking to create. YouTube is used by many business as a platform for hosting videos. However, is YouTube useful for your business and what are the core values that your business could gain from using YouTube as a marketing channel? The potential audience is massive YouTube is used by a variety of people for a wide range of reasons, this platform is a search engine, a hosting service, an advertising platform, a social network, and a community site all rolled into one. You must remember that audiences go to YouTube for one main reason, to watch a video, with the goal of finding something informative or entertaining. Hosting a ...
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Classy Online Promotion of Business Apps

If you own and operate a successful small business, chances are you’ve decided to create an app for your business. Now, the trick is getting your loyal customers to add one more icon to the screen of their smartphones. But how do you get them to use it without becoming one of those businesses that push their app on their customers? You know you’ve been there, and it’s an annoying place to be for everyone involved. Here’s how to successfully promote your business’ smartphone app online while keeping it classy: Make Your App Desirable You probably already know this, but you may as well not promote your app in the first place if it isn’t going to be a helpful one. Just like it’s nearly impossible to keep selling a low-quality product, you won’t be able to keep users downloading your app if it doesn’t help your customers. Think of ...
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Let Your Voice Be Heard: 5 Tips For An Improved Marketing Strategy

A marketer’s job does not finish when he or she rolls out a new project. In fact, it is just the beginning as many business owners must alter their approach often; otherwise, it will become dull, and the company will not get as many new clients. With these five ideas, one can improve their marketing strategy and get people to listen to new ideas. Think Big: Often, a marketing person will think only about the short-term for their new plan or idea. While this is necessary to get started, a serious marketing expert should think of the future and what the idea holds for the company in the long run. Whether selling home security products or pet food, one must think big and to the future. Stand Out: Many companies have the same routine and use dredged up ideas from the past. While this work to some degree, an entrepreneur ...
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