How does Google Hummingbird affect small businesses?

If you are a business owner or even have some expierence in a business environment then you understand that technology is overwhelming the professional world. It is also changing at a lightning speed. What this means is that if you want to be successful adapting to this eneviatble change is the only option. One of the primary drivers of business is advertising through the Internet, specifically search engines which is one of the best ways to accomplish this. SEO or search engine optimization is basically the way a search engine ranks search results and how that appears to the user. What is Google Hummingbird? Everyone knows who Google is, and maybe the most common way people think of Google is as a search engine. For years Google optimized its search features based on what the user typed in word for word, otherwise known as keyword searches. The problem with this ...
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Awesome Web Design Resources You Can Use Today

If you’re a web designer and developer, you perhaps would be looking for tools and resources that can help you enhance and improve your web designing skills. With the use of right webdesign resources you can expand your technology store and keep yourself updated on latest trends in design and development. Whether you’re looking for a new coding language or improve your ideas to develop new standards, it is imperative to brush up your skills. So how do you do it? Collecting a number of great resources can help you stay ahead of your competitions in the market. Have a look at these 10 resources for great web development information and inspiration. These efficient webdesign resources are the best you would need to be on the top of your game. Notism Notism is one of the smartest ways to discuss visual content. It is fast, simple and effective. This tool ...
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The Science Behind a Web Page: Website Reading Patterns

Website design these days is much more complicated than just what looks “pretty.” With the emergence of eye-tracking technology and studies on the psychology of web browsing, layout and graphic designers have many more factors to consider when building a website. The F-Letter One of the most prominent revelations about web browsing arose through an eye-tracking study conducted by Nielson several years back. Results showed that computer users’ line of vision followed a distinct “F-shape” when viewing webpages: Their eyes would scan the top line from left to right, move down to read another line, and then vertically scan down the rest of the page. Consequently, many websites have begun to place the most relevant headlines and information in the top two sections of the page. F is for Formatting Eye-tracking has also shown that headlines most effective in grabbing attention are big, bold, and boring – “boring” meaning neither ...
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Business in The 21st Century: Five Add-ons Your Site Might be Missing

With the thousands of add-ons available for every type of website, business owners often have a difficult time with deciding which ones may work best for them. While add-ons often improve user experience, it's important that you choose only ones that are necessary. Too many add-ons can be distracting and often deter customers from making a purchase at all. If you think your website is a little dull, these five add-ons will add some flare, make your job easier and will help drive more traffic to your business: Live Chat Every professional website should have some type of live chat feature that enables potential clients to send messages and talk with a customer service representative. Being able to chat with a live person right away often helps customers purchase an item or service quicker. Even if someone isn't available 24 hours a day, the live chat feature allows the customer ...
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Post-Penguin 2.0 Strategies That Work

The original Penguin update by Google caused a lot controversy among Internet marketers in April 2012. The purpose of the update was to reduce spam blogs and sites that manipulated the search engines using a number of tactics, primarily through the manipulation of keywords. Unfortunately, innocent bloggers and webmasters took a hit, too. Understandably, the announcement of Penguin 2.0 updates that began rolling out on May 22, 2013 has everyone up in arms again. If you've been hit or are concerned about preventing a hit due to the Penguin 2.0 updates, read these winning strategies to stay in the game. Content Is King Just as it has always been, content is king. If you are producing quality content, your sites are probably safe. But what is quality content? Does that mean that you can't advertise on your site? No, of course not. It means producing content that is worth reading ...
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