An All-inclusive Guide to Hire Good Magento DeveloperE-commerce websites help online retailers to promote or sell the goods & services as well as reach potential customers. Selling products and services have become easier with the help of these online shopping portals. In order to develop an online e-commerce store, you must have a powerful and scalable CMS that consists of essential features such as built-in SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly admin panel, easy-to-install shopping cart and catalog displays.

Significance of Magento in E-commerce Development

Magento is an ultimate choice, when it comes to developing an e-commerce portal as it offers a wide range of features and utility modules that boost the functionality of your site. This robust e-commerce platform is widely preferred for its highly-customizable features. Several Magento developers are working on this platform to make it better. Due to its open-source nature, various new features keep adding to it in the form of modules, almost every day.

Why to Hire Magento Expert!

Magento development and integration is appreciated website owners and web developers across the globe. Magento experts are well-versed in different programming languages, like JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML and more. With the profound experience in website development, these coders specialize in different aspects of Magento including Magento migration, Plug-in development, Module development, PSD to Magento conversion, custom development and many more.

There are several web developers available online, who claimed to be an expert. But, how would you know if the hired developer is the right choice for your project. Here are the points to ponder, while hiring a Magento developer:

  • A Reputed Company or A Freelance Developer: Hiring an expert to do the job for you is certainly the best route to go. However, the concern is whether you should choose an online freelancer or a reliable web development company. Both the options have their own advantages and choosing the one out of the two depends on your priorities. There are a number of freelancers available online, but it is wiser to check their portfolios and talk to their clients to analyze the quality of work. On the other hand, hiring developer from a reliable web development companies ensures high-quality solutions at affordable prices. Also, they are capable enough to get the project accomplished in a quick Turn Around Time.
  • Check Client List: It is imperative to check the portfolio of programmer that you intend to hire to ensure the success of your Magento development project. A quick overview on the client list and the intricacies handled with the previous clients give you an idea about the complex requirements of your developer can perform, if required.
  • Reference Check: It is good to ask for references from the client. After going through the client list, you can merely drop an email to the existing client for the references. This helps you hire the right developer for smooth Magento implementation.
  • Cost Advantage: Most of the businesses outsource their projects to gain the cost advantage. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire developers on contract basis weekly, hourly or monthly based on your business needs. This allows you to pay only for the accomplished task, saving a lot of money.
  • Technological Skills: Always consider the technical knowledge of the candidate, while hiring an expert for your ongoing project. He must have the sound expertise in programming languages and in-depth knowledge of Magento core to deliver result-oriented Magento solutions. A Magento developer should have extensive experience in all the Magento based solutions from theme integration to Magento module development, payment gateway integration, plug-in development and final hosting.


The hired developer must have deep knowledge of SEM & SEO that helps promote your website and improve online presence. In order to convert your visitors into potential customers, it is essential to consider SEO & SEM, while hiring Magento developer.

An All-inclusive Guide to Hire Good Magento Developer

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