Unlike other tangible products, SEO is not something that you can weight by dollar value. Some SEO companies charge ridiculous amount of money for doing SEO while some offer too low that makes it too good to be true. There are no standard method to calculate how much an SEO campaign can be cost. From as low as couple hundred dollars to over 10k, can you tell which one is better? SEO work is all about quality, not quantity but in reality, everything is based on dollar amount, so here, we can give you a basic idea how to choose a best SEO company and what is consider a reasonable price.

Ask for reference
Most of the SEO companies claim themselves ranking enough keywords for websites. Ask for proof! A proof worth thousand words. Period.

Compare proposals with difference SEO companies, see what they offer and what makes one better than the others.

Customer Service
Before seeing any performance, the initial conversation is the first image that the SEO company provides to you, if you don’t feel comfortable or they can’t gain trust from you, don’t even bother to talk further.

Review Their Website
Whether you are looking for an SEO company or you are buying something online. Always checkout their websites. Do they look professional? Do they have a contact us page with any physical address instead of just putting a contact form? If they have a blog, check if there is any recent post. (see if they do a good job in their own blog, if not, how can you expect them to do it on your site). If possible, check out some popular forum online for any review about the companies, but be careful, a lot of SEO companies pay people to write good comments for them.

Although there is no set rules saying how much is consider good deal, based on our opinion, anything over $3000 is over-price no matter what kind of deal they are offering. SEO is something that need to be doing it constantly and nothing can be rush. Creating bunch of links in a short period of time can make your site rank well is just a GIMMICK.

Once you find the right SEO company, the next thing is trust. Again, SEO is something that requires time and patient. You need to give your SEO company at least 6-8 months to do the work before you can make any judge.

We hope you can find the right SEO company that can really help to improve your ranking and achieve your goal. At any time, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. In the meantime, you can also check with our SEO service page for more details our search engine optimization service. Good luck!

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