With the thousands of add-ons available for every type of website, business owners often have a difficult time with deciding which ones may work best for them. While add-ons often improve user experience, it’s important that you choose only ones that are necessary. Too many add-ons can be distracting and often deter customers from making a purchase at all.

If you think your website is a little dull, these five add-ons will add some flare, make your job easier and will help drive more traffic to your business:

Live Chat
Every professional website should have some type of live chat feature that enables potential clients to send messages and talk with a customer service representative. Being able to chat with a live person right away often helps customers purchase an item or service quicker.

Even if someone isn’t available 24 hours a day, the live chat feature allows the customer to send a message without having to open another window or send an email.

Site Search
Site search is another must-have for any website. A site search feature allows customers to search for a specific product or keyword that’s located on your site. The ability to do so saves the customer a significant amount of time, something they will appreciate and will take into account when making their purchase.

Local Mobile Marketing
The majority of Americans now own a smartphone. Many people not only rely on their smartphones to make calls, but now use them as their main device for accessing the internet.

Local businesses can use mobile marketing to their advantage. When a potential customer is looking for a product or service and they don’t have access to a computer, they turn to their smartphones for assistance. You should have a mobile responsive add-on installed on your website so they can read your content and locate your business.

Because an effective mobile marketing plan and a quality mobile web design are both difficult to achieve, using a professionally-designed campaign such as the Orangesoda mobile advertising plan is important when trying to attract local customers.

Click-to-call is a unique add-on that has taken the web by storm.

When customers want to speak to a live person, all they have to do is click the “dial” button on your website and they will be connected to your customer service representative. This add-on is perfect for businesses who maintain an online store and would like an easy way for their clients to contact them.

Online Forms
Embedded contact and information forms can be difficult and often expensive to code, however, you must have a way to gather information from potential customers.

Add-ons that create custom forms for websites alleviate all of the headaches that come with those that are personally designed and coded. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into your website and start gathering information from your customers.

When choosing which add-ons to install on your website, it’s best to stick to those which have a specific purpose, that have a simple design, are easy to implement and those that are user-friendly.

Business in The 21st Century: Five Add-ons Your Site Might be Missing
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