Whether you own a blog or thinking to create one now, this article is what you should read about. A very common mistake that most bloggers always makes is talking too much about something that is totally out of their blog’s topic or link out too much. If your blog is all about food, then you should blog something like the best restaurants in town, how to cook the best steaks, where to buy qualities herbs and ingredient or even some cooking recipes etc.

Fresh Content


It is always good that you focus blogging on some topics instead of jumping around from one to another. This will help search engines categorize your sites more easily and help your pages to be indexed faster as well and you don’t want to confuse your visitors either.

Fresh and Interesting Topic

Always pick something interest and fresh. No one wants to read anything that is old and boring (me either). Here is a quick tip how you can blog something new. Pick some famous news website like Yahoo News, CNN, Google News, and New York Times, read anything that you think they are interesting, summarize it in few paragraph and post it on your blog. Since all the information that you blog is the latest and most update information from the same day, and search engines love fresh and unique content, that really help your site’s ranking in result, getting more traffic to your site. :)

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