Google search algorithm update becomes one of the most important things to every webmasters in the world. Every year there are up to 500-600 minor updates in Google search algorithm while major updates only happen few times a year. Whether an individual or an online marketing firm, they all chasing for these big date coming. If you do a search on “google update” on Google, there are over 380 million results comes out.

Google Update

A lot of websites have affected every time when Google make a major updates. We’ve seen websites ranking in top 3 drop to position 500 or even farther over the night. This is not surprise and the reason is not because what people said SEO is unpredictable or “SEO is like that”. This is totally not right. Huge positions drop can be categorized in two different types. The first one is “go fast, drop fast” which is those who use robot software to build thousands and thousands of crappy mixed links in a short period of time, and this may fool the search engine spiders at the beginning and making them skyrocket over the night but sooner or later, search engines will find them out and penalized those sites by either sandbox or totally banned them. The second type is people who just focus on few factors to rank their sites such as link building only for all their sites. A lot of SEO guys that we have met in the past focusing only on link building. Link building is good and there is nothing wrong with it but they are missing a lot other “ingredient” to make a site rank well and at the same time, stick well. A bunch of backlinks can push one site up but once Google make changes on its algorithm, it will bring these sites down few hundreds positions easily.

So in order to make a site rank well and stick in its position, the best practice is diversify. You need to be focus not just one, two or even ten factors but everything. We understand this is a time consuming process but this is the only way that you can reach that level and make your online business success.

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Google Search Algorithm Update

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