Google HummingbirdIf you are a business owner or even have some expierence in a business environment then you understand that technology is overwhelming the professional world. It is also changing at a lightning speed. What this means is that if you want to be successful adapting to this eneviatble change is the only option. One of the primary drivers of business is advertising through the Internet, specifically search engines which is one of the best ways to accomplish this. SEO or search engine optimization is basically the way a search engine ranks search results and how that appears to the user.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Everyone knows who Google is, and maybe the most common way people think of Google is as a search engine. For years Google optimized its search features based on what the user typed in word for word, otherwise known as keyword searches. The problem with this type of search is it often yields little results that actually pertain to the users intent. Google Hummingbird users conversational search which will allow Google to answer questions that a user is looking for to be answered. An example would be if a user is looking for a good restaurant that averages meals under 20 dollars, so instead of searching “Greek restaurants in Detroit” and scrolling through numerous results, a user can simply type what Greek restaurants in Detroit have meals under 20 dollars. Another feature of Hummingbird is that it will display the results on the actual web page that the results refer to.

How Will Google Hummingbird’s Effect on Buissness?

The easy answer to this question is that it will change the rankings of the search results, giving many companies a better chance to be located by prospective customers. For the business owner this means changing the way they optimize their web pages. Which would require focusing less on what a potential customer will search for and focusing more on what they are looking to accomplish and what variables may affect this. The best way to illustrate this is with an example. If you sell computers and usually use the phrase “Atlanta computer store” as many times as possible on a web page to get the most hits, this would yield much less results. To get the best ranking with Hummingbird the same computer company should now be focusing on optimizing web pages to yield search results that look for factors like lowest price, availability, location, specific features and even name brands. This will also give customers better content to read about a business instead of reading a page the repeatedly includes key words.

Are Their any Negative Effects?

The second upgrade that Google Hummingbird will deliver is showing website info corresponding to the search result. This is an advantage to the user since it will allow them to preview before clicking, but can adversely affect a business. This is because some users may get all the info they need from a preview and will never actually have a need to click on the website. Another effect that some may be displeased with is that when you click on a link of interest it will give you relevant links and Google is sure to emphasis its own products such as You Tube, Google Play, and others.

As stated before technology plays a huge role more than ever in our lives, and especially in our business lives. Staying on top of this technology is what can separate the time tested companies from the short lived ones. This is a prime example of that very fact and has implications that will greatly affect how we now and will present our products and services to the everyday customer.

How does Google Hummingbird affect small businesses?

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