Blogging can be fun on its own, but you know what makes it more fun? If people actually read and share what you write! It doesn’t matter why you blog – whether you are doing it for profit, as a form of content marketing, or just as a hobby – there are ways to increase the socialization on your posts right now. Try out these marketing tactics to get more shares in your posts.

Quality is Key

You’ve probably heard that content is king. Well, if that “content” is just thin, possibly spun, and absolute drivel, nobody will want to share it with anyone. It doesn’t matter how many blog posts you have if they are not good. (By the same principle, just because a post has more words doesn’t mean it’s better than a concise, valuable one – stop writing to a word limit and actually say something.) People want to read good things, and in return they will share them. Make sure you are picking topics that fit into the market that you are attempting to reach, as this will obviously increase your share rate.

Get Social Yourself

If you want other people to share your work, they have to be able to find it. Build up a following on whatever social sites are best for your audience, and give your followers first dibs on new articles. Facebook and Twitter are the basic and most populous sharing platforms that are sure to result in some shares. If you’re using Twitter, be sure to include some hash tags to categorize your work. Keep in mind that certain audiences will be easier to reach on other platforms – if you’re looking for people who cook, try Pinterest, and if you’re looking for internet-oriented youths or students who attend college online, consider Tumblr, a mecca of memes.

Creating the social accounts is half the battle, but the other half is maintaining them. Make sure you tweet or post frequently, and socialize with your readers to answer comments and questions – don’t just tweet with each new post like a robot.

Title Talk

A great title will help pull people into the article. It’s your headline and it has to be short, so you better make it count! Good titles give a summary or snippet but leave you wanting more; great titles are irresistible. Bad titles are boring or don’t deliver, and they can make your readers angry. There are a few shortcuts, though: try doing something general enough to apply to lots of people, but personalized (use “You”!). “5 Mistakes You Are Making on Pinterest” is a way better title than “5 Mistakes People Make on Pinterest” or the even worse “Pinterest Mistakes.” Always think about how your post can help your readers; if it helped them, they’ll be more likely to share it to try and help others.

Guest Post

You know you’re a great writer. Now it’s time to let everyone else know! Get your name out there by finding opportunities to be an expert contributor on sites related to yours. You’ll be at the best advantage if you choose sites with a similar audience to your own; these people will be more likely to check out and share your blog posts. Don’t forget to include a few key pieces of information when you guest post: your name, your Google+ authorship link, a link to your blog, and your Twitter handle.

Ask for Shares

It doesn’t hurt, right? One study found that Twitter users who asked their followers to retweet their message got far more engagement than those who didn’t – and “please RT” does better than “pls RT,” so be sure to save room! In general, if you ask for shares on every post or in every tweet you’re going overboard, but asking when you really need it doesn’t hurt. Some people just need to be reminded the sharing options are there.

Be Creative

The Internet is a huge place. There are topics out there that have been repeated and worded differently and are sure to have been read by hundreds or even thousands of people. If you must write about a common topic, at least add some spin (not the robotic kind, though!) to it to make it less mundane.

Got any more advice for getting more social shares? Leave it in the comments! And it would of course be awesome if you could share this post. Your Twitter followers will love it, I promise!

How to Get More Socialization on Your Blog

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