To a lot of people, search engine optimization such as link building, blog commenting etc., is probably one of the most boring job in the world. A package of 7,000 forum links, 45,000 blog comment links and 4,000 sidebar links cost $39 and promised to deliver in just 7 days sounds so good and make you go for the first “link purchasing campaign“. Couple weeks passed and you see your targeted keywords goes up and make you feel “it works!” then second campaign, third campaign and few months passed. All the sudden most of your keywords ranking dropped and some of them even disappear. You feel nervous and ask for SEO helps. This is always the situation when people comes to us for Search Engine Optimization.

Link Purchase: Right or Wrong

Most of the so called “company” offer linking building package is actually using automated software and build a bunch of non-relevant links to your site. It is hard to control where the links coming from, it may be from bad neighbors, sites that has been penaltized or bad listed by search engines etc. An other reason why you don’t want bulk link purchase is because you don’t want to show to the search engines there are tons of links that point to your site in a short period of time.

In conclusion, buying links from link farms or any other link providers may not be a good idea in SEO. Although link building is one of the important factors when it comes to search engine optimization, search engines did care about how you obtain your backlinks and how well your website being optimized. Again, SEO is not something that one’s can achieve over night or week. It is a long term and ongoing process. Keep yourself updates with the latest SEO information and eventually you will have your keywords rank well. Good Luck!!!

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Link Purchase: Right or Wrong?
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