This is one of the things that we have been talking about over and over and over again in search engine optimization… Quality is better than quantity. One of the biggest mistakes that most people may have is over building backlinks to your website especially those crappy and non-relevant links. This kind of linking not just create a bunch of useless links but also increase the chances of getting your site penalized by search engines.

What search engines look at is all about relevancy. If your website is teaching people how to make healthy food, you don’t want to see a bunch of backlinks that come from websites that talk about painting or finance.

This is how most spammers or people who involve in bulk link building activities. There are tons of software producers out there claim their software can create thousands of backlinks with only few clicks or how smart their software that can do all kind of human emulation bla bla bla. I am not saying all these software will kill your website’s ranking but if someone keep using them, it is just something will be happen sooner or later.

We recently did a simple link building test for a website and the purpose of doing it is to prove how quality backlinking can help a website’s ranking in search engines. We picked two medium competitive keywords and optimize for a website at the same time. Their initial rankings for these two keywords say keyword A and keyword B are 569 and 591 respectively. For keyword A, we created 4 backlinks on the page with PR5 and PR6 (Actual PR) and they all are theme-related to the website the we are optimizing. For keyword B, we spent 4 days to create 45 backlinks on various website with domain PR0 – PR1 and none of the 45 websites are theme-related to our targeted website. So now the game start, after we have done all the link building works, we are expecting there are some kind of moving on their rankings within the next couple days or weeks…..

There are no obvious moving on both keywords until day 6, keyword A moves from initial ranking 569 to 324 and keyword B doesn’t really have any obvious changes on the position until day 15, the new ranking for keyword B was 579 which was 12 steps up from its initial position.

In this real example, we can see the power of the high PR backlinks and it proves quantity may not be able to do the tricks when it comes to SEO.

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Quality vs Quantity Link Building
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