Today I want to share one of my favorite websites with every one of you., one of the largest net communities for sharing presentation. It was rank one of the most visited website in the world and according to Slideshare, there are 60 million monthly visit, with about 130 million pageviews happen on their website per month. According to the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (, the “Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012″, Slideshare was ranked #13 in the world. Okay, after a bunch of data and statistics, now let’s take a look what is good about Slideshare.


The idea of Slideshare is similar to Youtube, but a PowerPoint version. Simply upload and post your slides and you can share your ideas, products, services with millions of users. It is just another treasure to a lot of people, not to mentioned about those high traffic marketing value in SEOs. The key features about Slideshare can be summarized as follows:

– Share your presentation either public or private.

– Embed into Websites, CMS including WordPress, Joomla and other blogging services such as Live Journal, Posterous, Tumblr etc.

– Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

– Synchronized your slides with an audio files to make it more interactive by using its Slidecast feature.

– Embed your favorite YouTube videos into your slideshare presentation.

– Premimum features are available in Slideshare Pro users (Pay version) such as Google Docs integration, LikedIn intergration, create a branded Channel, lead generation through your conent and many other marketing and promotional tools.


Slideshare is a resource rich platform that provide us tons of useful info. Besides of Pinterest, slideshare is another website I most visit. That is all for today and I hope you also enjoy it. :)

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