Today, we are not going to talk about hi-tech or anything related to web design or development. Today, we want to talk about the top 7 most expensive cities to live in United States. According to an index of 300 cities publish by the Council for Community and Ecomic Research (C2ER), Top 7 most expensive cities having index score way higher than the national average 100, let’s take a look the following and you will know why they ranked the top tier on the list.

1. Manhattan, New York
Index Score: 233.50

2. Brooklyn, New York
Index Score: 183.40

3. Honolulu, Hawaii
Index Score: 170.80

4. San Francisco, California
Index Score: 163.20

5. San Jose, California
Index Score: 156.50

6. Queens, New York City
Index Score: 151.40

7. Stamford, Connecticut
Index Score: 146.70

The 7 Most Expensive Cities to Live in United States

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