So many people already talked about the new and fancy Google Glass but for some reason I just want to write mine today. Simple but incorporate with a lot of features, the first ever Google Glass (developer version) released early 2013 cost $1,500 USD. The product first introduced and wore by Sergey Brin in the Foundation Fighting Blindness event in San Francisco in April 5, 2012.

Google Glass

Let’s take a quick look of this Google Glass. It is basically a wearable computer which offering multi-features such as video recording, GPS, photo taking, translation, searching, display weather, sending message etc.

The pros side of the Google Glass such as:

  • Keep up with your friends, events or personal interests.
  • Navigation through cities, stores etc. will no longer be an issue.
  • Show people you are on the cutting edge of technology while rocking with the new Project Glass.

The downside with this funky Google Project Glass:

  • One day you may break your ankle by stepping off the curb reading email or navigating your next stop.
  • People with eye issues or already wearing glasses may not be able to use it.
  • The image formed in the glass will be too closed to your eye and may harm the retina.

According to a report from New York Times’ Nick Bilton, the consumer version will be released by the year end and the cost would be around the price of current smartphones estimating $250 to $600. Overall, I think this new gadget glasses can be a helpful in our daily life and I believe with this price range, lot of people including me myself will definitely give it a try. Here is a little video about the Google glass by Google.

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The New Google Glass? Like It or Not

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