In one of the article that we have written earlier “What is Search Engine Optimization”, we have explained what SEO is and how it works but let us recall a little be again. SEO is actually a technique to increase the amount of visitors or we called it the traffic to your website. You have a nice website set up and sit in the space like tens of thousands of other website owner but how can people find your website and see your products or service that you are offering? So we need SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For details about what is SEO, please refer to our article “What is Search Engine Optimization?“.

Today we want to talk about the different types of SEO. Although there are no such an official search engine optimization bible name or categorize SEO in different levels, here are the names that people in the industry like to use, white hat, black hat and grey hat. Based on the color, you can pretty much guess the way that they act.

White Hat SEO
White Hat SEOAlso called Ethic SEO, a legit way to use SEO strategies, techniques and tactics to optimize a website. A SEO specialist using white hat SEO practice will focus on the relevancy and organic ranking. Some examples of white hat SEO includes link building, backlinking, blog posting and content writing for human readers (not for human? who else? ROBOT.) The main purpose of doing all these is to improve the link popularity of a website since the way that a search engine to decide one website will rank higher than the others is based on many factors and link popularity of a website is one of the most import
ant factors.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEOTo make it easier to understand, we can call it spamming method. Most of the black hat SEO involved keyword spamming, meta tags stuffing, duplicate content or using software to generate bunch of content etc. People who use black hat SEO method is trying to fool the search engine in order to get their sites rank higher. Occasionally, they may hitting a position they always dream of but trust us, no one can stay long and search engine will find that out and penalize them by either demoting or even black list it. So it is not surprise that a website may show up on the first page one day but disappear all the sudden in the next day.

In order to make it clear, here is an example show you the different between white hat and black hat seo method.

White Hat SEO content writing
A&R shoe house is located in the heart of Los Angeles and it was established in 1985. A huge selection on shoes, accessories, and more. We offer 30% on all the products plus free shipping. If you want to find out more, visit our store today.

Quality Content Writing

Black Hat SEO content writing
A&R shoe house is the best shoe house in Los Angeles shoe area. A&R shoe house offers all kind of shoes including sport shoes and other shoes accessories. We guarantee you can find the shoes that you like at A&R shoe house.

Now you may have a better understanding of the difference. Over using keywords or keyword stuffing is one of the common black hat SEO methods. In the above example, the content writer trying to focus on the keyword “shoe” and “shoe house” but it was over used. Search engine doesn’t like this kind of content and will consider it as spam.

SEO is a long term process that requires times and skills. There is no short cut to make a site fly over the night. It needs to be work step by step and can’t overdo it. It’s like raising a baby, no one can make the baby grown up in one day but you can feed them well and make him stronger every day and live healthy. It is the same idea when it comes to doing SEO. Remember, only the right SEO method can make a site rank higher and stay longer.

Types of SEO – White hat, Black hat?

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