To people who are new to SEO and want to try out what exactly it is, this is definitely the article that you should read about. One of the most frequently asked question is “what is search engine optimization and how does it works?” Search engine optimization or SEO is a process to get organic (free) traffic from search engines, unlike pay advertisement such as PPC (Pay Per Click), you won’t get charged when people clicked on your listing, so once your website hit the first page of Google, thousands and thousands of people will click on your site but you don’t need to pay a penny because this is organic traffic that result from running a good SEO campaign.

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OK! So now let’s answer the second part of the question, “How does it work?” SEO involves a lot of work and process and you cannot rush to finish it in a day or week. It is a long journey, boring and routine work but it is also a very powerful and effective way to generate traffic in result brings you sales. According to Google, there are over 200 factors that can affect a website’s ranking and follows are the most common one that can always find in any SEO campaigns. They are:

Domain age
The age of a domain is really matter when it comes to SEO. Spammers love to buy bulk new domain in a very cheap price and use them for spamming purposes by linking them with a bunch of backlinks trying to fool the search engines in order to rank high. So the domain age is one of the factors that search engines will look at to consider if a site is trustable or not.

Domain hosting
Where should you host your website? If your website is serving U.S. customers, host your website in the U.S. Make sure with the hosting company that their servers are located in the place that you decide since a local hosting company not necessary host their servers in the same countries they are at.

Ideally is to get a dedicated server with a dedicated IP although the price may be few times expensive than the shared server. This make sure your website(s) won’t affect by other web spammers in case they are using the same shared server with you.

You may probably heard that before, “Content is the king” and I don’t think anyone will disagree with that. Produces informative and fresh content on your site, the more the better. Audience will stick with your site and come back for more frequent if you have good content that can attract them. This is also one of the most effective ways to gain backlinks naturally from your audience.

Internal Link Structure
Another important factor that can affect your site’s ranking is the internal link structure. When search engines claw your website for any new content of pages, you want your site can provide an organize structure for search engines to speed up the process to find the pages that they are looking for. An organize and nit link structure such as navigation can also help your audience easy to locate where they are and how to find the data that they are looking for.

Put your business address or at least a mailing address on your contact us page to gain trust not just for search engine but also to your customers. No one would like to deal with a company without any physical address but just an email or contact form on their website.

This is probably the most important factors among all. Do a research and find the keywords for your business, although there are no official rules to choose what keywords for a website, it is always recommended to pick the less competitive one. For example, if you are running a pet shop in Los Angeles and want to promote your grooming service, then what keyword should you use? The keyword “grooming” is definitely high competitive and may takes you lots of work and time before showing any result. Less competitive key phrases such as “pet grooming service” and “Los Angeles grooming service” are both easier to rank well within the same amount of time and effort in compare to high competitive keywords.

There are something that you need to compromise when you are choosing keywords. High competitive keywords can bring your site high traffic but it requires more time and effort, in contrast, less competitive keywords do not have high volume searching from search engines but they have high potential to rank well. Whether you would like to focus all the efforts on couple high competitive keywords or split the resources into multiple less competitive keywords, it is totally up to you.

Outbound Links
It is very common to put links on our articles to refer something that is relevant to our writing. Make sure the site that you link to is 100% relevant to your business or industry. For example, you are selling auto supplies but you put a link on your site that link to a website that sells pet’s food. This kind of links really useless and you should remove them from your site.

Inbound Links
This refers to all the links that coming from other sites. For example, you own a blog and post articles in a daily basis, people find it very helpful and put a link on their websites that links to your blog. This type of links is referring to as inbound links. One of the key factors that make a website rank well is to get as many relevant inbound links as possible. This also makes people start buying, selling or exchange links which is Google not recommend and once they find out. Sites will most likely get sandbox or some sorts of penalize.

Whether you would like to DIY or choosing a SEO company, make sure all the SEO works are do it in the right way, never over-do it or do something that are violating regulations of any search engines. Be patient and keep working on your SEO works and eventually you will see the results. Good luck!

What Is SEO And How Does It Work?
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