I believe there are tons and tons of articles have been talked about this topic before but why I still pick this topic today? Because not all of them are telling you the right methods, so let me share my little idea with you today. The best way to gain backlinks to your site in a natural way but besides of writing quality articles, there are ways that you can also grab people’s attention and here are some that we think it’s worth to share with you.

– Something that is special and ideally, no one else has been talked about it before you

– A very unique and special way of your thought on some topics

– Writing an eBook and make it available for download from your website or blog

– If you know how to program, create a simple app

– Create a blog that allow users to submit and share interesting post. This way you can also save time from searching what to write for your blog.

Before making people interest on your site and linking back to you, the first thing is to find a way to make some “noise” on your site. Article writing is one way but don’t limit yourself, try to figure more ways to surprise your readers. Good luck!

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