A lot of people got misunderstand about doing SEO. They focus all the works just by fulfilling the search engines, of course, making search engines happy is one of the key factors that can rank your site high but don’t forget your real customers are people who are actually viewing and buying stuff from your site. No matter how many factors that you have done for your SEO campaign or how well your website ranking right now, you need a site that can really make your customers feel satisfy.

Target SEO

What I mean is you have to make your real customer feel comfortable to visit and stay on your site and the goal is to make a sale. An example worth thousand words. Let say you are running a website and selling shoes online, you have write enough keyword targeting content on your site but one of your keywords is shoes, try to use different words to describe the shoes instead of keep saying a word over and over again, try use “the best”, “most loved”, “the top” etc… Make the content interested to the customers instead of using some boring words just to target search engines.

Doing SEO is not just for the search engines, you also need to care about your “real customers”. At the end of the day you will not be surprise it can even get better ranking than you just focus on targeting search engines.

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