Why Your Customers Aren't RespondingIs there anything sadder than a store posting a “Going out of business sale?” This is a sign that the owner of that business missed the mark when it came to targeting their customers. Whether you have a traditional brick and mortar establishment or are selling products/services exclusively online the goal is always to expand your customer base. What is going on when those customers stop responding? Here are some reasons to think about as to why your customers are staying away.

They Don’t Know You are There

The greatest, most affordable product on the planet can’t sell if your potential customers have no clue it even exists. Do you know who you’re trying to reach? Have you tailor-made your marketing message for that specific demographic? You might have some fantastic marketing pieces but unless you’re hitting the right groups in your campaign those ads won’t amount to much. You don’t see any ads for women’s shoes during a football game. Know your targets and where they spend their time. If your business isn’t advanced enough to do your own data collection and analysis, it will be worth the investment to hire a professional to run these numbers for you. When hiring a service to handle your data, one feature is agile business analytics which will give you a better idea of how to use the data you have gathered about your customers to improve your messages and marketing.

They Don’t Feel Like They NEED your Product or Service

The best selling products and services are those who solve a problem that the consumer didn’t even know existed. You’ll find perfect examples of this on direct buy TV spots for everything from Snuggie blankets to the perfect meatloaf pan. Do we really need these objects? Probably not but when they are presented in such a way as to solve a problem then you’re giving your customer a chance to feel whole again! What problem is your product or business solving? More importantly, do your customers know that?

They Don’t Think It’s The Right Price

Recently, a pair of would be entrepreneurs appeared on “Shark Tank” trying to promote their couple’s management device. The “device” was a stuffed elephant that was supposed to be used by a spouse whenever they wanted to talk about an issue. Leave the elephant out and you are supposed to have “the talk.” Their retail price? That would be $59.99 for a stuffed animal you could buy anywhere for five bucks. Wrong product at the wrong price. Is your product priced to sell?

They Can’t Get To Your Product

All the perfect marketing in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans if that customer can’t find where you buy the thing. Yes, they might find their way to your website but if that site is hard to navigate and complicated to make a purchase then they will give up no matter how much they want your product. Make the shopping experience hassle free. And make sure your customers know how to reach you. Websites with no contact information leave many customers dissatisfied and often discourage them from buying. Don’t leave it all up to your website—you need to play a part in the customer getting the product or receiving the service.

While there are many reasons why an individual customer may not be responding to your efforts, by examining the way you run your business, it can be fairly easy to tell where the problem is. Once you pin point the problem, you can work to become more appealing to your customers and find the best way to make them hear you.

What’s Missing? 4 Reasons Why Your Customers Aren’t Responding

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