Lately we have written a FAQ article to answer some questions that we’ve been asking since years ago. Among all the questions, there is one we want to bring it out and explain it more details today. The question is “Why someone’s site cost cheaper to do SEO than mine?”

Cost of SEO

There are many factors that can affect the ranking and no one can guarantee the result. Two new websites launch today their ranking can be totally different one year from now. Things that may affect the ranking include site structure, layout, internal linking, content, keywords, keyword density, number of backlinks, quality of backlinks and many other marketing factors. Since not all websites are built the same, some of them are built for SEO purposes while some are created more for users such as a fancy flash website which the web designer has no intension to make it SEO friendly.

So based on these factors, some of the sites need more internal work such as rebuild the navigation, adding keywords, descriptions tag, remove any duplicated (if any) and adding more fresh and quality content etc. while some sites need more focus on the off-site which includes link building etc. Besides, company goal is another factor that makes the SEO cost difference. Since every business is difference, that also makes the SEO approach difference as well.

The cost of doing SEO can be varied based on many factors and no one can exactly tell you how much work it requires without looking into your site but frankly speaking, cost of doing SEO can be as low as couple hundred dollars and go all the way up to few to ten thousand dollars per month. However, lots of people misunderstand that the more money they spend on SEO, the better result they will get. Unfortunately, this kind of logic doesn’t apply into SEO. Instead, the harder and smarter you work on your SEO, the better the result you can expect is what we can tell you.

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Why cost cheaper to do SEO for his site?
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