Social Marketing Exclusive PostThe battle for social media supremacy has been raging for years between some of the largest internet companies. The information individuals are willing to share is not only priceless, but also has caused a fundamental shift in how information is gathered on the internet. With every company fighting for a piece of that information, Google has jumped into the mix with Google+ and the entire web is feeling its presence.

Google+ is Changing Search
One of the biggest fundamental differences Google+ is causing is how search results are shown in Google. While still in its infancy, social-based search results are becoming a larger part of the all-powerful Google Search Algorithm every day.

Google+ Posts Rank Quickly
Google+ is so close to Google search results that status updates and content sharing can rank well almost immediately. A well titled post with good content can often show on the first page for many search queries with very minimal effort, especially when it comes to content which is timely, like news.

What that means for internet marketing professionals is they do not necessarily need a powerful niche blog to get their content high in the search results. A properly positioned status update can very well do the trick.

+1’s Count as a Vote
Google+ LogoWhenever someone presses the +1 button on a website or shares a particular link on Google+, it acts as a vote for the validity of the information. From Google’s point of view, the more content is voted for and shared, the better it must be. All things being equal, this can provide a boost to content on the traditional search engine side.

Custom Search Results
When people are logged into their Google+ account, their search results may be customized based on the people in their Google+ circles. For example, if an individual is following a particular blogger about car insurance, that blogger’s content is much more likely to show in their search results if the query is related to what the blogger writes about.

These custom search results mean people who are already fans of a business or blogger could potentially see a lot more content from them. This 360 degree approach allows marketers to stay in contact with people on a continuous basis once they have got them to follow their Google+ page.

Content is Easily Shared
One of the best things about Google+ as it pertains to marketing is how easy it is to share content with others. The entire system is very open and allows for users to reach out all over and get their message across.

Google+ Communities are groups of individuals and businesses that come together over a specific topic. This is an internet marketer’s dream because they can instantly target people who have already expressed interest in what it is they are selling.

When marketing to communities, professionals must be cautious of how they push their content. Most active communities will boot anyone who is constantly spamming their material without regard to others in the group. The best approach is to get involved and make a name for yourself in the community. People are much more likely to pay attention to an authority rather than someone who just blasts marketing material all day.

Why Google+ Should be Every Online Marketer’s Primary Social Media Outlet

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