How It Works

At enest studio, we provide comprehensive design and marketing services. From logo and website design to marketing, we are able to work with each client with different needs and design the best custom design website and provide the most effective solutions for their online marketing project. A website represent your company and it acts like a bridge to communicate with your customers, without a professional and eye catching website, you don’t expect your customers will stay in your website no matter how good your products or services that you offer.

There is no set formula to say how long and how much it takes to create a website. It really depends on various factors such as the number of pages, the design and the complexity of the features you want to put on your website. Below we have outlined the typical website development process:

Flow Chart

Project Specification
For every single project, we will meet with our client, identify their objectives and understand how they want their website to be.

Contract & Inital Payment
Once the project specifications have been confirmed and the client decided to move forward with an investment in the web project, we commit to a contract with a down payment.

Design Phase
We will then start to create the layout and give our clients an overall idea about how their website will look like and we will also create an organization chart to illustrate the navigation of the website.

Development Phase
Once we got the approval from our clients for the layout, we will then move to the development phase. Depends on client’s preference, we can either use the content that the client provide or we can create for them.

Training & Data Entry
In this stage, we will show you how to do the updates on your website. A User Manual and all the necessary documents will be provided as well.

Going Live
We will have our clients for the final review before we launch the websites to live.

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