Wordpress Website

A lot of people come to us and ask “What is wordpress?” and “How does it work?”. WordPress is actually an open source(free) software that anyone can download it online and use it to create a feature-rich blog or website. WordPress is an easy to use software that offer a user friendly interface for people to create pages, update pages, upload images and more without having any advanced skills or technical knowledge to do it.

One of the good thing about wordpress is user can manage all the contents and images within the control panel by simply clicking some buttons or links. Unlike other web designing tools, wordpress can be 100% code free.

Wordpress Website
There are lots of benefits of using wordpress, it can be installed as a stand alone website for blogging or other purposes or if you have an existing website, you can install a blog and make it part of your website for business blogging purposes such as posting useful links and articles for your customers and keeping them update of your company event etc.

Another great benefit of using wordpress is to allowing people to leave comment, and as a service provider, this is absolutely a great way for you to hear what your customers want and this is good for your business’s future improvement.

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